Stock Quote:
TGL  $ 2.05  $ -0.01
TGA  $ 1.51  $ 0.01
BZM17  $ 51.63  $ -0.19

Analyst Coverage

The following financial analysts currently cover TransGlobe Energy Corporation:

Rita Guindy CI Capital, Giza, Egypt
David Phung Credit Suisse Securities, Calgary, Canada
David Dudlyke Dundee Securities Europe, London, UK
Darren B. Engels GMP FirstEnergy Capital Corp., Calgary, Canada
Al Stanton RBC Capital Markets, London, UK
Gavin Wylie Scotia Capital Inc., Calgary, Canada
Shahin Amini TD Securities, Calgary, Canada

See TransGlobe's SEC filings for a discussion of risks and uncertainties. TransGlobe is not responsible for the analysts' projections, all of which are independent of TransGlobe's input. TransGlobe does not endorse any analyst's projections, which are proprietary solely to that analyst and are subject to change at any time. It is TransGlobe's policy not to distribute any analyst report written on the Company.