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EGYPT - Eastern Desert

TransGlobe's initial entry into Egypt occurred in July 2004 when the Company entered into a farm-out agreement and earned a 50% interest in the Nuqra Concession.

Subsequently, TransGlobe's interest in the property had increased to 71.43% (July 2008).  The Nuqra concession was relinquished in July of 2012.

In September 2007, TransGlobe significantly expanded its Egyptian operations with the acquisition of approximately 55% and operatorship of the West Gharib Concession; this was followed by the acquisition of an additional 30% in February 2008, and the final 15% in August 2008, to give the Company 100% of the West Gharib concession.

In December 2011, TransGlobe acquired a 100% working interest in the West Bakr concession.

In November 2013, TransGlobe acquired a 100% working interest in the NW Gharib, SW Gharib, SE Gharib and South Ghazalat concesions.

In November 2016, TransGlobe relinquished SE Gharib following completion of the first phase of exploration committments.  TransGlobe holds a 100% working interest in seven concessions in Egypt.